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Lieve Blancquaert | Birth Day

Lieve Blancquaert | Birth Day

How the world welcomes its children
ISBN: 9789401413909
Sizes: 26,5 x 23
Pages: 368 | English edition
Cover: hardcover
Publisher: Lannoo | 2012
364.501 times a day, somewhere in the world, a new life begins and with it a new story. Birth Day is the round-the-world journey of a mother, photographer and journalist searching for these stories and for the answer to the questions: ”Why do we bring children into the world today? What does it mean to be born in a particular place in the world? And how does the world welcomes its children?”

In each location Lieve stepped into a maternity ward and so literally into the life of the baby and its family, meeting the mothers during one of the most emotional events of their lives: the birth of their son or daughter. But she also talked with family members, visiting their homes, taking part in in festivals and rituals, travelling to special places and events that told her more about the culture in which the child will grow up.

Lieve Blancquaert worked two years on this project, visiting 14 locations around the world. A mix of rich and poor, and of cultures, religions and communities.

Tiberias (Israel) - Sundarbans (India) - Shanghai (China) - Atlanta (USA) - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Kuwait City (Kuwait) - Nairobi (Kenya) - Sisimiut (Greenland) - Brussels (Belgium) - Hammerfest (Norway) - Kasongo Lunda (Congo) - Prey (Cambodia) - Tyumen (Russia) - Kelaat M'Gouna (Morocco)

14 locations, 14 powerful stories and over 400 photographs that leave a lasting impression.