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Hector Acebes | Portraits in Africa 1948 – 1953

Hector Acebes | Portraits in Africa 1948 – 1953

ISBN: 9780295984131
Sizes: 25,8 x 31,5 cm
Pages: 160 | English edition
Cover: hardcover
Publisher: University of Washington Press | 2004
Expo: Nomadgallery, Brussels, 7.09.2017 – 7.10.2017
Hector Acebes (1921-2017)

We are sad to report that photographer Hector Acebes just passed away in Bogota shortly after celebrating his 96th birthday.

Acebes, a New-York-born Colombian with a decidedly international upbringing and spirit of adventure to match, travelled extensive in Africa between 1948 and 1953 going throughout the continent, from Dakar to Zanzibar.

He worked with a Rolleiflex camera and an eye for the realities missed by so many other photographers before him.

Most photographers made no attempt to depict anything but the most crude stereotypes of what white Europeans and American expected or wanted to see. Acebes was a glaring exception.
His subjects were the people, of all ages and social positions, from the most remote, primitive areas.The Africans in his photographs are many things : sexy, wary, flirtatious, irritated, and amused.

Hector Acebes portraits of Africa embody a unique sensitivity of a particular time, which was quickly about to change.

Acebes’ little known work has been rediscovered by NOMADGALLERY, who is staging this solo show with 27 silver gelatin prints and 15 unique vintage prints in a European premier entitled Hector Acebes : Portraits in Africa 1948-1953.

Preview on Wednesday, September 7, 6-9pm
Exhibition from Thursday, September 7 – Saturday, October 7
Thursday-Saturday from 2-6pm, otherwise by appointment