Hans van der Meer
Terrains d'Europe. Paysages du football amateur

ISBN          3865212565
Sizes         29,5 x 21 cm
Pages       160 | French edition
Cover        softcover
Publisher  Steidl | 2006

27,00 €

Amateur football is like life: there, an abyss separates dreams from reality. At the beginning of the football season 1995, the Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer begins a journey of ten years across Europe to enter football in its simplest expression, a field, two goals and 22 players. He photographs people at the of bottom of the lower divisions' table, by integrating the landscape and the surrounding context of the land on which the small tragicomedy of amateur football is held. In remote villages , his fine and look subtle transcribes the poetry and absurdity of this human behavior. Those deeply moving images restore football in all its original passion and humanity.