Catherine Lambermont
Vilaine Fille

ISBN          9782873403997
Sizes         15 x 21 cm
Pages       120 | 70 images | French edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Yellow Now | 2016

28,00 €

Catherine Lambermont has always endeavored to question the notions of visibility, appearance or disappearance, perception and interpretation on the part of the spectator.
As such, she approaches the very nature of the image, through layers of form and meaning, linked to things not represented, the force of evocation or suggestion of simple elements confronted or mixed by a subjective experience.
Using photo, video, drawing, painting and sound installations, she depicts domestic spaces or common places (non-places), at the edge of the strange and the familiar.
Anonymous and silent life, banal environments and anecdotal objects are transformed into mental landscapes, between reality and fiction, eyeing an emptiness or the out-of-field, like an awaked dreamer, worried, out of balance.