Mimmo Jodice

ISBN          9788857224763
Sizes         24 x 28 cm
Pages       112 | English / Italian edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Skira

29,50 €

Expo: Foro Boario, Modena, 12.09.2014 - 11.01.2015

Through the evocative images of one of the most illustrious Italian masters of photography, a journey back in time to the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. This new monographic work on Mimmo Jodice (Naples, 1934) presents the large-scale survey of the Mediterranean, with which the artist has been enchanting viewers throughout the world for over thirty years. A sequence of fifty photographic works, some never previously published, reconstructs the image of the civilizations that marked the ancient history of the sea the Romans called mare nostrum. Temples and statues, heroes and myths live again in a timeless dimension where past and present coexist.