Philippe Herbet
Made in Belarus

ISBN          9782930537085
Sizes         22 x 27,5 cm
Pages       112
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Le Caillou Bleu | 2010

25,00 €

Herbet’s approach relies on the precision of the anecdotal element, backed by the mythical element inherent in all immensurable continents, and tending to express the universal through the particular...
It is not by academic works that Herbet prefers to be guided, but rather, by gypsy fiddles, folk music, encounters in endless night trips by train, people who for a moment cross your path in a second-class compartment and who will offer to share their bread and sausage, a pint of beer or a bottle of vodka with you, or who urge you to listen to a popular tune issuing with much effort from their crackling and patched-up radio.