Harry Gruyaert
East / West

ISBN          9789492677075
Sizes         20,4 x 30
Pages       2 x 80 | Dutch edition
Cover        2 x hardcover in case
Publisher  Hannibal | 2018

59,50 €

Stunning ode to the colors of east and west in the eighties

East / West is a two-part publication that bundles visual material from Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert, who in the 1980s portrayed the striking differences between life on the east and west side of the Iron Curtain. He did that in his well-known, mysterious style, where light and sensuality are central.

The first part shows the blistering glamor of Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 1981; the second part the cool rigidity of the regime in Moscow in 1989, just before the fall of the Soviet Union.

This book collects 100 photos, more than half of which has never been published before. It is a stunning document that shows the contrasts between the East and the West and gives a fascinating insight into a strange and crucial period in world history.

With an essay by curator and photography critic David Campany.