Gilbert Fastenaekens
In Silence

ISBN          9782875720108
Sizes         22 x 28 cm
Pages       208 | English / French edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  CFC-Éditions | 2015

32,00 €

Expo: Le BOTANIQUE, Brussels, 2015

This work is the first ever monograph of Gilbert Fastenaekens and retraces his career since the early 1980s. It explores his main photographic series (Nocturne, Essai pour une archéologie imaginaire, Site, Noces, etc.), complemented by many previously unpublished images, which all have the same relationship with time and the notion of contemplation.
This book also comprises his video work and a number of texts by various authors, which put into perspective an oeuvre that is very much a part of the contemporary art scene.

Authors: Jean-François Chevrier, Renaud Huberlant, Dirk Lauwaert, Jean-Claude Lemagny, Alexandre Vanautgaerden, Anne Wauters, Danielle Leenaerts