Mikaël Falke
Abstraction in architecture photography

ISBN          9789057791154
Sizes         31 x 20,7 cm
Pages       96
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  L-ink

25,00 €

Abstraction in architecture photography

Abstracts could be a children’s book. A picture book with simple geometric shapes, sharp lines and lively colours. The images in this book are very much like drawings. But in fact it is a book of photography and architecture.
As a selection of almost 80 photos, mostly taken in Belgium, Abstracts picks out the thread running through 10 years of art and architecture photography by Mikaël Falke

Mikaël Falke (born 1978) lives in Brussels. He is a former lawyer and has been taking architectural photos professionally since 2007. He is mainly concerned with architecture, but is also regularly asked to turn his attention to such subjects as urban planning, design, interior architecture, contemporary art and portraits.