David Drebin
Chasing Paradise

ISBN          9783832732790
Sizes         27,5 x 34 cm
Pages       200 | English / French / German edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  teNeues | 2015

55,00 €

Although alluring, the idea of a sensual wonder-land seems to be permanently beyond our grasp. Yet so compelling is the notion, we would do almost anything to attain such bliss.
It is the tension and instinctive drama of this age-old quest that David Drebin chronicles in his latest work-aptly titled, Chasing Paradise.
These skillfully arranged scenarios convey the thrill of deeply illicit adventures. We find ourselves intrigued, yetalso slightly concerned by the risks.
Set against distinctive backdrops, Drebin's models seem to occupy a supernatural state of being. Powerful and all-knowing, each one has the mystery of a mythical figure-upon whose loveliness we can only hope to gaze.
Drebin seduces us with every twist and turn of his darkly sensual narratives. Never before has temptation seemed so tantalizing – or so worth pursuing.