Didier Decoux
Quelque chose a bougé

ISBN          9782873174729
Sizes         17 x 21 cm
Pages       160 | 142  bw illustrations | French edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Lettre Volée | 2016

24,00 €

La double épreuve de la photographie | Une collection des Ets. Decoux

Between 2012 and 2014, the Etablissements Decoux collected in second-hand shops twin photographs of the same subject taken a few seconds apart or according to a slightly different angle of view. It collected nearly two hundred of these double images.
The photographs are black and white shots taken by amateurs between the 1920s and the 1970s. How to untangle the plot, trace the genesis or imagine the dialogue between these double images?
This book proposes an attempt at typology of these photographic variants: the repetition (the pose of the subject, the framing and the point of view are very similar from one photograph to the other), the variant (the pose changes or the framing is modified from a rather similar point of view), the variation (the viewpoint of the photographer varies sufficiently or the subject is transformed causing a displacement of meaning), variation of disposition, quantitative variation (one or more elements are subtracted or added to one another between the two shots), the variation by contiguity (the juxtaposition of the two shots gives to see a widened panoramic field).

Didier Decoux, distinguished philologist, visual artist and publisher, designer of own artist's books under the brand 'Établissements Decoux'.