Bert Danckaert
Simple Present

ISBN          9789401412339
Sizes         34 x 27 cm
Pages       180
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Antwerp | Roberto Polo Gallery | Lannoo | 2013

55,00 €

Expo: Roberto Polo Gallery, 12.09.2013 - 03.11.2013

The exhibition consists of two films and an important number of archival pigment prints on fine art paper from a series titled Simple Present, which dates from 2007 to the present time. Bert Danckaert drew the images from eighteen cities on four continents.
Depending on the spectator's empathy, his images may be read either at formal or documentary levels, or both. Danckaert turns ordinary, often unrecognizable, fragments of urban reality into extraordinary images that reveal a profound knowledge and understanding of the history of modern art, especially its painterly, narrative, conceptual and constructivist currents.
'Bert Danckaert's bizarre cityscapes deal with the paradox of non-figurative simplicity, as well as with the complexity of meaning and metaphor. His 'urban still-lives' breathe a kind of strangeness that can only emanate from the familiar. 'Found' sidewalks, walls, and street furniture refer more to minimalist art than to the conventions of documentary photography.
In his absurd compositions, a recognizable and banal reality appears as a stage set, props and trompe-l'oeil included' (Inge Henneman)