Alexandra Cool
Moments of writing Camera Obscura

ISBN          9789020994544
Sizes         24 x 31 cm
Pages       96
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Lannoo

39,00 €

'In 2004 I decided to make a series of portraits of writers. I wanted especially to photograph the work of writing itself, so I chose to make the photographs with a pinhole (camera obscura).
I made a tiny hole in a box, so small that an exposure time of about half an hour is required. I placed that box on the writing table of some hundred authors. I asked them to simply carry on working, left them alone with the box and came back twenty-five to thirty minutes later.
The photograph became a kind of film report, compacted into one image, in which the writer appears like a timeless ghost.'

Texts by Bernard Dewulf and Ulrike Draesner