Jean-Marc Chapa
Walking with the Dogs

ISBN          9782873403942
Sizes         16,5 x 23,5 cm
Pages       200
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Yellow Now | 2016

28,00 €

Expo: Contretype, Brussels, 2016

The Walking with the dogs series is a life course. The essential lies in the encounter but also in the will to research and the affirmation of an own 'photographic language' .
The use of a simple silverprint compact-camera, the mix of color and black and white, the combination of direct flash and natural light contribute to a singular, intimate and personal documentary style. This series explores, in a frontal way, the derision of the human condition in its chaos, its mystery and its solitude. The beautiful and the ugly, the animal and the vegetal, the banal and the marginal are approached in a similar way, in a visual dialogue, a body-to-body photography.

. This work is the fruit of a photographic wandering of five years through the main western and European metropolises. I never grew tired of observing the world around us in its beauty, its strangeness and its diversity.
There is not, strictly speaking, a social message, the intention is rather an upheaval. It is sometimes black, as poetry may be, as may be the daring attempt to go back to the discomfort of thought. And then, underlying, there is desire, the true thread of the series - whether young or old, new or worn, moral or immoral, it is in any case the ultimate guarantee that we are still alive. Jean-Marc Chapa