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Peter Bialobrzeski | Nail Houses

Peter Bialobrzeski | Nail Houses

The Destruction of lower Shanghai
ISBN: 9783775738293
Sizes: 20 x 29,8 cm
Pages: 116
Cover: hardcover – English / German edition
Publisher: Hatje Cantz | 2014
The final project rounding off the Habitat trilogy by the eminently successful photographer.

Nail houses in China-fascinating proof of the amazing power of the individual.

During his travels through China, Peter Bialobrzeski's was repeatedly struck by the nail houses: often derelict houses earmarked for demolition surrounded by tall, newly constructed buildings but whose owners absolutely refuse to vacate. In his thought-provoking series, the artist takes photographs of these isolated structures, often in the evening hours, when the brightly lit windows convey a sense of the domestic comfort these homes have for their owners despite all of the cracks in the walls. Using the means of photography, Peter Bialobrzeski (*1961 in Wolfsburg) stands up for these stubborn rebels. Following the publication of Case Study Homes and Informal Arrangements, this striking series, which completes the Habitat trilogy, also asks the viewer uncomfortable questions and forcefully underscores the fundamental right of every human being to a home and a feeling of security.

Texts by Stefanie Gommel